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 some ideas i had.

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some ideas i had. Empty
PostSubject: some ideas i had.   some ideas i had. EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 11:35 pm

Well i noticed a lot of things that are weird and so i have some ideas for that.
Sharingan users should have a choice of what part of the uchiha clan they want for instance thay can choose between saskue, itachi, or madara and that will allow them to have different sharingan.Saskue should have a huge chidori arrow that hits everything in it's way. Itachi should have some stong jutsus like for instance his jutsu that lets him summon a giant warrior made of chakra around him so he cant be hit, and and his sacred sword jutsu that lets him absorb a jutsu.But the downfall is itachi members lose health if they do that.Madara should have an eternity sharingan so they cant be hit my regular jutsus and tai attacks.Also sharingan users should be allowed to copy jutsus for a short period of time.
Renningan should more summoning jutsus.
Byakugan users should have two sides if they are a boy the can have nejis jutsus if they are a girl hinatas jutsus.
Any bunshin justsu should allow the clones to move by their their self and attack peopleby themselves.
Certain clans should also have demons like choji,kiba,neji, and orochimaru.
Gaara's clan should have sand that blocks attack's auto.
Cs and Kyuubi should be able to have more jutsus and should be able to fly.

Well thats all i got so i hope you think about it.
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some ideas i had.
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