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PostSubject: Ideayyssseeee XD   Ideayyssseeee XD EmptyTue Nov 03, 2009 9:39 pm

Ok heres a list of ideas for the game.

SLOWER TRAINING because like ppl are getting like lvl 100k in 3 days

Double mangekyou

One way to achieve mangekyou is to make a bestfriend verb and then get one and they have to have sharingan then you have to steal their eyes >Smile XD

Look through the staff verbs and fix some; some are bugged

7 different swords for the SSOM.

Instead of having that gm room ll u could make a help chat thing under commmands that player can use and only the gms can see the msges.

New jutsus

More lighting jutsus

Uzumaki should have more moves because they barley have any and the only good one is oodama rasengan

Make Susanoo be a monster u summon and only for double mangekyou.

And for hatake instead of having warp and susanoo have warp and amaterasu

all ideas i have for now
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Ideayyssseeee XD
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