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 A suggestion

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PostSubject: A suggestion   A suggestion EmptyMon Sep 21, 2009 2:42 am

Just moving my idea from the old forum to this forum Very Happy

Gaaras should get 2 verbs in their jutsu tab. 1) A verb that surrounds the player in sand only when they're wearing the gourd. 2) A verb that puts the sand back into the gourd. Also they should be able to control the sand by clicking anywhere on the screen(like Byakuyas shikai in bleach games) and the sand should be able to block attacks. For example the sand is in front of me and someone uses katon housenka or a throwing weapon the sand would block it. And since Gaaras can cover other players in sand they dont have to do hand signs for Sabaku Kyuu (just move the sand over an opponent and click Sabaku Kyuu). And if sand tsunami is added giant sand burial should go along with it.

Edit:The same manipulation concept should go with the Aburames( moving the bugs), except they don't have to wear a gourd and the bugs should drain the opponents chakra if they are over them for a certain period of time. And they should get a move called swarm where the user sends out some bugs that chases a near by opponent and stops them from moving if they get caught by it, like this . I also noticed that when you summon bugs you can only have up to 15, thats a bit boring, i think the limit should be 150-200. Also a few of their justsu should be taken out; explode konchuu(im pretty sure aburames dont make the buggy pals go boom) konchuu kyuu/sousou(really? they are not gaara clones ppl). And I also think that the sand and the bugs should do damage depending on how much nin you have. tongue
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A suggestion
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