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 Sage Mode idea

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PostSubject: Sage Mode idea   Sat Sep 05, 2009 9:05 am

kk i think tht we should have 3 different types of sage modes due to there being 3 different summon scrolls each sage mode would give different jutsu and different boosts due to each scroll needing different stat req

u would HAVE to get the scroll from jiraya and then find a hidden toad out there in the game map somewere hiddenand after u find himhe will send u 2 a mountain maze to were u would have to find the father toad// elder toad tlk to him then u will have sage mode to bad u gotta master it b4 u can use it to its fullest u would have to sit still in a pk zone(i said it right PK zone) and train with it until u get to 100% when u do then u can use its jutsu but back to the percentage ok if u have to low a percentage u WILL turn to stone if u fight with it on but if u got a good high number u will gain a large (but not max ) boost u will not be able to use toad sage jutsu but u will be able to use ur own but if u do have 100% u will have acccess to 3 tecniques

Toad flame bomb-larger katon gokyuu
Needle jizzo-jiraya's hair neddle armor tht can atk just like sand sphere
hair lion main-a homing white hair atk tht looks like ryuu tatssu no maki(lightning dragon -_-)
Final Sage Death Harmony Genjutsu- a genjutsu tht takes time to use but will ultimatly auto kill every one/thing killable on the users screen

toads gets a 10 x tai boosts until they chakra run out(takes either 1+06 or +07 every second)

U will have to get scroll from oro in sound and do the same find a snake eleder in the map somwere and go through a cave maze to find the snake elder to lear the sage transformation but this one is different......u will have to master it by kiling with it on.......and draing blood from the ppl u fight sounds hard dont it when u cant keep it on for even 3 seconds to get off a jutsu but when u do master this one u can summon MANDA and use these jutsu

summoning rashamon-summons a great wall of defence tht not even a 2 headed dog spinning could break through -_-
double snake sacrafice makes a bunshin chase a target and freeze it to sacrafise the bunshin and the target to sweet death
dead soul raising-summon a clone of anything(like peins body double)

10 x nin until chakra runs out same chakra drain 4 snake as toad

same thing scroll,maze,ancient slug(lol ancient slug all hard and stale)
sage maode makes it so u have to master katsuyou summoning and then learn to heal up to 5 ppl at a time with the body split thingy katsuyou can do........slug jutsu can

phenix rebirth-even if ur hp goen to 0 u get one full life 4 each use can only use once per life
monster punch-(self explanitory)get hit with it u lose what ever the person tai is x's 20

boosts gen x 10 until chakra gone same as slug and snake
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Mode idea   Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:43 pm

wow man. wonderful idea lol!
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Sage Mode idea
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