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 can i have admin (raion ill unbann you on my game)

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PostSubject: can i have admin (raion ill unbann you on my game)   Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:09 pm

To: Raion


Why:cause i want to be trusted so i can add more codes and more mapping if you dont belive me im good at it ask raion he was on my game and i have alots of experience have 3 my own naruto games so i have enough experience as is and that is why i want to help and add some of my codes to NUA!

there is a problem as you saw i have a bug on your game!!!-when i log in i cant start playing it only opens the chat box and NEW LOAD AND DELETE stuff-

best REGARDS Aco445
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can i have admin (raion ill unbann you on my game)
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