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 GM application for NUA

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GM application for NUA Empty
PostSubject: GM application for NUA   GM application for NUA EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 2:53 am

In-Game Name: Sasoi
Job I want: GM spot any level is ok
Experience(If Any): I was on the game recently but I also was the leader of two races in another I also am a substitute host for games such as Mitadake high and have gone as far as to host two servers at once and kick about ten different guests at once because they were one guy trying to play a prank.I play on byond very often and have played many games. Most of them are down now but non the less I played.

I also promise not to abuse my verbs or to disrespect the fellow players I know that I am not above anyone I just a "player with verbs" that can be taken away at anytime.

Contact Information:I am on Aim as nightmarecrow14 and byond as of course greynesscover often I also have a gmail but that's more like on a need basis.
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GM application for NUA
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