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 Emily or (Legendary Amy) gm Application

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Emily or (Legendary Amy) gm Application Empty
PostSubject: Emily or (Legendary Amy) gm Application   Emily or (Legendary Amy) gm Application EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 2:53 am

Subject: this is Legendary AmY GM application Fri Nov 14 2010 7:48 pm
In-game Name: Emily (might know me as Legendary AmY tho)
Byond Key:Rasoringan

What lvl gm: whatever you want to start me at ill be happy to be a gm at all/

Any experience:yes i have been gm on DB:UBR and DBZ: devotion aura Elemental warfare Pokemon battle co owner on Bleach Ultima Weapon. Also naruto Reincarnation 3
Why you want to be a gm: i want to be a gm because its fun also i like to help around because it feels good to help out a fella.
also its because is to get the little extra level but i think thats a reward from being a gm and helping out. Thats something probolly no one would admit in an application but who knows i mite be wrong someone else might be honest too.

Why we should pick you:I mean you have a hell of a game here and many people play but i do see that people when they dont find out the in's-and-outs i see them log out never to return cause i want to see people play as long as they can cause its a great game and if they log out then they will rank and recommend.Thats where i'll come in and about every 5,10,30 mins ill ask if anyone needs help with anything and when i see a new player i'll ask (their name) do you need help with anything and if they do then ill answer any question with an appropriate question.
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Emily or (Legendary Amy) gm Application
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