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 Nikorayu's gm app.

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Nikorayu's gm app. Empty
PostSubject: Nikorayu's gm app.   Nikorayu's gm app. EmptyThu Sep 30, 2010 3:41 pm

n-Game Name: Nikorayu
Key: Nikorayu
Job I want: Any kind of gm job you want to fill out Eric. Idc if i get acad seq, mod or anything higher.
Experience(If Any): I was Co-owner on Naruto Rise Of The Phantom Assasins. I have also been Mod on NCOR. Been Co-owner for a while on NCOR and then been promoted to Owner for a little while. I have experience as mod, co-owner and owner on nua before. I've been mod and co-owner for a while and i believe you, Eric, trust me.
Contact Information: ERIC.. you already have my mail for msn.
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Nikorayu's gm app.
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