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 Skinny Jeans GM APP

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PostSubject: Skinny Jeans GM APP   Skinny Jeans GM APP EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 5:51 am

In-Game Name:SkinnyJeans


Job I want:I will take any position available even lvl 1or a Mod anything to prove my worth to you.(except icon,host,etc)

Experience(If Any):I Have been a Gm in quite a few games.Naruto Eye Of Kyuubi:by Iceking,Co leader(never put my name up to make fun of me):discontinued.Gm lvl 3 and 4 ,2 pokemon games(sorry forgot name like 2 years ago) now offline and deleted.Im friendly and im on atleast 5-15 hours weekly.
and you can also get a recomendation from Xeon the Otokage he knows im fair and follow the rules.

Contact Information: Thank you and you can contact me on the Forums in game or email me at
Iceking taught me elders on byond like you are like parents of the real world so give them full loyalty and respect. afro

By the way:ive had diffrent keys over the past years Aryaan,IloveTori,Mr.SkinnyJeans,etc.....
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Skinny Jeans GM APP
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