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 A Random Gm App ^-^

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Chakra Tu Valliere

Chakra Tu Valliere

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A Random Gm App ^-^ Empty
PostSubject: A Random Gm App ^-^   A Random Gm App ^-^ EmptyWed Aug 18, 2010 4:52 pm

In-Game Name: Chakra Walker


Job I want: Gm or anything to help with (Except coding as i is very bad at it =/)

Experience(If Any):Dragonball Z: Fall of Saiyans - Level 1 - Ongoing(When it comes back on),
Dragonball Z Dark Reign Of Goku - Level 1 - 1-2 weeks, (Owner finished with the game)
Bleach: Blood Falls - Admin - Week (Due to Closer)
Bleach: Never Ending Battle - Co-Owner - 3 days (Due to No host)
Bleach: Ominous Souls - Enforcer / Trial Enforcer i think about a week(Due to Pwipe)
Resident Evil Outbreak - Elite Admin (Due to too many Gm's)
Bleach: Final Path - Master Admin lvl 4 - 1week (Due to me unable being able to host 24/7)
Naruto: Bennette Holzgrafe - Head Admin lvl 4 Ongoing (When finding host)
Naruto: Hebi Takeover - Enforcer - Ongoing

Contact Information: Either By Paging me/ E-mail or just contact me on this forum =)

Thank You for taking your time to read the application form and hope you enjoyed reading it.

Chakra Tu Valliere / Walker (Chakrabyakuya)
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A Random Gm App ^-^
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